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Custom-made - Concept Verre - French Riviera Lighting

The art of tailor-made

In the manufacture of our works, the ideas of our designers combine with the talent of the glass craftsmen to create models that are both authentic and timeless. Sketches and designs become raw material, shaped using traditional methods, to give substance to our products. We then use the latest technological innovations to ignite the spark in this material envelope that will eventually bring the whole thing to life.

A Concept Verre luminaire is born.

Exceptional lighting

You choose what suits your interior. The Circé pendant light, its organic and elegant shapes, its warm and chromed colours and its glasses arranged in cascades.
The Prométhée floor lamp, natural and imposing, a glass column frozen in the breath of a craftsman. The Senso collection, angular and contemporary, transforming the light escaping from its edges. The Okio table lamp, marrying marble and glass in a way that is as elegant as it is timeless.


You choose the number of glasses you need, their shape, size and colour.


Then comes the turn of the plate. Diameter, material, shape, and even inclination, you choose what suits you best.


Now it remains to define the material and colour of your cables, as well as their length.

Your customised projects

Each of our pieces is unique. Our mouth-blown glasses each adopt their own shape, and each series has its own shade of colour. Beyond these specificities, all our models can be personalised. Each glass is available in several colours, each cable is adaptable even once the structure is installed, and each model is available from one to 90 lights.
Can’t find the right light for your project? Create it.

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